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Babel (2023-)

Babel is an ancient word used to describe a state of confusion or the buzz caused by a nation of people who all spoke in tongues and thus could not understand one another.

For two years the Tigray region had turned into a desolate war zone. Civilians were tortured, r*ped, shot and left in the streets without a dignified burial. All at the discretion of the country's prime minister who waged war on his own people. It was often referred to as the hidden war due to how little coverage it received. The government had cut off electricity, telephone lines and internet leaving the people of Tigray in complete darkness. These photos were taken a year after the war ended. The majority of the young men and women I met had joined the region's defense force (TDF) and had just returned from their assigned places.


Would food taste the same after war time? Would music sound the same? Would laughter carry the same ring? So many questions. My heart was torn into pieces as I witnessed civilians struggling to find a sense of normalcy despite the airstrikes, despite the starvation, despite the darkness, despite the babel.

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